Shivam Sharma became the first finalist of Lock Up Season 1

One name that has been making headlines ever since he entered in the Lock Upp show is Shivam Sharma. He first came into limelight after flirting with Kangana on the grand premiere stage and then Shivam is making headlines for his grand love gestures for Sara Khan.
Shivam owns up to his controversy and actually, it is written all over him. He is known to be very flamboyant which was very evident when he made a move on Kangana at Lock Upp grand premiere and then has been confessing his love for Sara in the jail.

Ticket to Finale race started 2 days ago. There was a chance for all the prisoners locked up in the lock-up to get tickets for the finale. Everyone tried their best but Shivam performed better than others. The lock up show was a task for everyone. In this task, everyone had a chance to get a ticket in the finale. Everyone gave their best. Shivam and Anjali used their strategy and knocked out the other contestants for the ticket to finale race. After that there was a competition between Shivam and Anjali to get the ticket and Shivam defeated Anjali in the arena.

Shivam Sharma always deserves to be in the finale as he is one of the interesting contestants in the lock up show and he always entertains the audience.

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