People like Payal are cancer for India In the reality show Payal called Zeeshan a terrorist and a Pakistani

It all started after a piece of news information was played inside the show regarding the demand to ban halal(Cut animal throat slowly after reading dua) meat in Karnataka, which lead to a heated argument between Payal and Zeeshan and Ali. Paypal started arguing "Mai bohot khush hu ki halal meat ban ho raha hai, kiyoki halal mai animal torture hota hai, Halal mai animal khud ka blood nikalte huwe dekhta hai". Zeeshan totally disagree with payal argument and told Payal "Jhatke(Cut animal throat directly with one shot) is more painful for animal and also in this scenario animal can see the flow of blood from his body".
Then payal argued that using halal they are selling religious thing with halal meat. Then Ali started arguing with payal and tell her about the halal "halal muslim isliye prefer karte hai ki jab animal ko halal kiya jata hai to uske ander jo bhi blood and bacteria ho wo bahar nikal jata hai, per in non-halal bacteria and blood animal ke ander reh jata hai jo ki human body ke liye hanikarak ho sakta hai. " This is scientificly prooved.

This conversation ended here, after this conversation Payal tried to talk to Munavvar but Munavvar did not give any answer to her.
Munawar says "Jahil se bahas imaan ka khatra".
After this incident, everything seemed fine in the lock up. And then Nisha came to Payal and told her to divide the coin (Jinnia) equally with every teammate. But payal told to nisha that she will not divide the coin. After this all the teammates told her to divide the coin but Payal was not agree to do this. Then abusing started with payal and all the contestent, In between that payal split on zeeshan and tell him "Tumhare liye pakistan bana hai tum waha jaker raho" and also payal call zeeshan a terrorist.

However, the matter escalated when Payal made certain islamophobic comments against Zeeshan and went on to call him a terrorist. This did not go down well with all other housemates and created a massive ruckus inside the show. In anger, Zeeshan too hurled abuses and used cuss words against Payal. He even asked her to get ready even a lawyer, suggesting he will take legal action against Payal. Even the other housemates including Munawar, Nisha, Mandana, Anjali, and Poonam, called out Payal and demanded her ouster from the show.
Poonam Pandey also jumped in and called out Payal for her statements. However, the two got into an ugly war of words with Payal insulting Poonam saying she can only do two things, either abuse or remove clothes. “De de gandi gaaliyaan de… do he cheezein aati hai tujhe… yaa toh maa behan ki gaaliyan degi yaa phir kapde nikalegi (Go on, abuse. You know only two things, either abuse or remove clothes)." When Mandana jumped in, Payal insulted her too and alleges that she isn’t even allowed to wear clothes of her choice in Iran.

Mandana : "People like Paypal in India make a lot of things worse in India".
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ After all this incident, the lockup did not take any strict decision on Payal. The lock up show encourages Payal to do more such things in future. We do not understand why the lockup did not take any strict action against Payal.

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