Munawar worst reaction after Anjali expressed her feelings.

Everyone was waiting to see how long it takes for #Mulji to express their feelings. Munjali's fans are shocked when the time comes. Munjali's fans already know that Anjali has a lot of feelings for Munawar but they also know that Munawar also has something in his heart. Anjali tried to express her feeling about Munawar many times before, but still #Munjali's fans were waiting for Munawar to express their feeling.

A day earlier, when Anjali was not wearing a mic while sleeping, Anjali said I love you to munawar, the voice was not clear because Anjali was not wearing a mic at that time. Munawwar took this as a joke and started smiling and replied to Anjali "Tere liye mujhe ab dimaag ka doctor bulana padega".

Then it was time to answer questions from the audience. Anjali was asked a question by one of the audience "Ye jo hastag chal raha hai #munjali iske bare me tumhari kiya feeling hai?".
Anjali replied to the question that it is just a friendship but this may change in future. Anjali tried to make it simple to answer but she didn't. Finally Anjali expresses her feeling that she likes him. After this all the prisoners were cheering but not Munawar.
After questions answer section was over munawar said to anjali what was that. Anjali was nervous and told Munawar that I had feelings for you as a person. Munawar said don't do this kind of things because I don't like it. And also munawar comes the confidence and told to the camera that he is so smart that why all the girls are die for him. He was make anjali so much uncomfortable.
That is the worst reaction by the munawar, All the munjali fans was in the shock after this. After that #munjali fans made joke for munawar and react in the live stream comment in words "Munawar ne anjali ko game ke liye ab tak kiya hai. munawar bohot bekar insan hai". On mx player and Alt balaji app we got lots of negative comments for munawar behaviour.

What do you thing this was the right way to react.

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