Munawar faruqui wife and son photo revealed

A new dramatic moment came in the existence on the judgment Day of the lock upp show.
Kangana revealed a viral picture of Munawwar's wife and son, which left everyone present in the lockup stunned. But the picture was in blur so that no one can see it properly. Kangana told to munawar what will you say on this. But munawar said that i wouldn't talk about this picture on the platform(lockupp show). Kangana was very clear and she didn't force munawar to answer anything on this photo.
Munawar said that there are many things happen in my life since last 1.5 years and i dont want to talk anything about my past.
But when Kangana left, Munawwar made it clear that he is married and has a 3-year-old son. He later said that something had happened between him and his wife. And the case is in the court and he will wait for the decision of the court. Munawwar also said that he is always missing his son as his wife did not allow Munawwar to meet her son. Munawwar also said that it has been a long time since he did not see his son's face.
Munawar was crying while talking all these this but all the prisoners tried to make him calm. After all these things happened anjali tried to talk with munawar in the fun way but MUNAWAR ignore her and told to her they will talk about later because he need time to be calm down. Later on munawar walk to the washroom and tooks so much time to stay calm. In between that poonam hug anjali and said I can understand your feeling. Anjali was not expected that things.

Munawar doesn't want to spoke anything about his past but lockupp badass jail made him to express feeling about his past.

Now if we talking about his fans reaction, many of munawar fans take it in a normal way but many of his fans are disappointed with him. Because he didn't talk anything about all those thing before.
Munjali fans are very disappointed with munawar because they wants to see munawar and anjali in a love relationship.
Let's see what will happened next after all these drama.

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