Back to back shocking eviction in the lock upp show hosting by kangana ranaut

Hosted by Kangana Ranaut, the controversial reality show Lock Upp saw a shocking eviction day by day. We have seen three shocking evictions from the show Lock Up this week back to back. Kangana's Lock Up Show is the most popular show with more than 100 million viewers from all over India.

Its all started from -
Chetan Hansraj : Chetan went on a rant and provoked other inmates to violate the rules of the game. He was even heard talking ill about the makers on camera. Chetan also smoked in the lounge area, which was a violation of the rules. He also changed the name ‘jailor’ for Karan Kundrra to ‘tailor’ on the rule board.

After the eviction Chetan apologised for his behaviour, and asked for forgiveness from Karan and his fans. He also said, “I feel very embarrassed. I really made a mistake. Under the pressure of this show, no sleep and no food and just non-stop fighting, it brought out the worst in me…I cracked,” he added that this ‘wasn’t him’. “I’m very angry at myself. Love you, you know that. I’ve become a super fan of yours…to all the people in the house, I don’t know what happened to me.”

Saisha Shinde : Kangana questioned Saisha Shinde for being abusive and impolite behaviour in jail. She slammed Saisha’s rebellious actions while demanding food. However, the contestant justified her acts and said that she wanted a reply from the makers of the show. “Our ration was being cut down. Kangana, you know mai fokat k jhagde nahi karti mai tabhi kuch bolungi agar mai manti hu usme (I do not fight for non-issues. I will say when I mean it and it matters to me)," Saisha said.
Soon, the discussion between Kangana and Saisha took an ugly turn after the latter mentioned that she is a responsible and sensible person, to which the former disagreed. Kangana went on to say that Saisha is not participating in the game wholeheartedly and is only using mischief to stay back. However, Saisha lost her cool and told Kangana that it was not the right way to put things across. She further refused to apologise to the host and said, “If you want me to apologise to you, I can’t because I don’t think I’m wrong, If there’re contestants, there’s host…”
This left Kangana furious too who mentioned that so many people want to be a contestant in the show. “You can get lost, leave right now. There are 50 other people, waiting to be a part of this show. There are many people, and you will see new entries this week," Kangana said. “Get them here then," Saisha responded.
“Mujhe badtameezi bardasht nahi h. Nobody can tell me that there’s a way to put things across. Why should I say things the way she wants me to say,” Kangana later said while talking about Saisha.
Meanwhile, Munawar Faruqui spoke to Saisha and asked her not to behave like this with Kangana. He then asked her to apologise and Saisha agreed. However, Kangana announced Saisha’s eviction, leaving everyone shocked. In tears, Saisha walked out of the show.

Karanveer Bohra : One of the strongest contestants of Lock Upp Karanvir Bohra has been evicted from Kangana Ranaut’s show after wildcards Zeeshan Khan and Vinit Kakar eliminated him using their special powers. Fans are really upset after his eviction.

The official page of Alt Balaji dropped a video in which a jailer can be seen announcing the eviction. Sharing the video, the page wrote, “Lock Upp mein aaya unexpected flip and Karanvir Bohra hogaye Locked Out.” Fans took to the comment box and expressed their disappointment. One of them wrote, “No kv ko wapis Lao he DESERVES to stay.” The second one mentioned, “Kv ko kyu evict kiya yrrrr.” The third person mentioned, “Strong blue team blue team ko todna chahte the makers.”

Earlier, Designer and transwoman Saisha Shinde had a heated argument with Kangana Ranaut and this led to her eviction from Lock Upp. Saisha had been seen constantly complaining about the food items being provided in less quantity. She also rudely behaved with the guards of the jail. When Kangana asked for justification, Saisha replied: "I won't apologize, do whatever you want"

Her answer infuriated Kangana and she called her the weakest contestant in the show. "I think you are the most irresponsible and weak contestant in the show and I can get 50 other contestants," said Kangana. After listening to this, Saisha started packing her bag by saying: "I am not leaving the show, Kangana is evicting me." Munawar tried to console her as she was crying continuously.

Kangana stated, “I won't see that if you are a celebrity or an influencer in the outside world, I won't tolerate such behaviour in my Lock Upp. I have no favouritism in the house, nor do I follow any political party. I am against nepotism as you all know. That is just who I am as a person! the moment you guys do anything against the rules, you'll be kicked out from the badass jail.” Lock Upp streams on ALTBalaji and MX Player.

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